Wendy Wilkerson

WendyUnder the tutelage of her grandmother, Wendy acquired the inherent skills of herbalism while she was a youth, and later learned the art of Toltec journey work from a Mayan shaman early in 1989. She has expanded her professional training by studying Peruvian shamanism, becoming a paqo of the Lineage, a long line of energy healers dedicated to spiritual growth and healing the earth.

Working through this Lineage, Wendy conducts illuminations, energetic extractions, soul retrievals, guided shamanic journeys, energetic clearing and conducts Rites of Passage. She also works long distance by appointment. She has been of service to several clients suffering from debilitating diseases, easing their difficulties in dealing with their decline and death.

Wendy has also learned the ways of shamanic protection and clearing.

Wendy is a Full Mesa Carrier, has received the ancient Medicine Way Nine Rites (Gates) of Passage and the Munay Ki.

"[Wendy] is a true healing and loving spirit that has done good work in helping people deal with physical and other ailments. I know you, like me, appreciate the natural healing arts and Wendy's art embraces that tradition in a very gentle and powerful manner." - DC

"[Wendy] is a strange little woman - shaman, friend and defender of the weak, comforter of the lonely, solace to the depressed, and confusing as hell to all others." - BC

Wendy Wilkerson
phone: 703-627-1339
location: Pecos, New Mexico, USA