Energetic Clearing:
Correcting Negative Influences

A formal clearing ceremony is a specialized practice to remove old or negative energy from a space (such as a house or land) or from an object (such as jewelry or antiques). This can be lengthy, intense shamanic energy work, depending on the size of the space to be cleared, or what the object had been used for.

Buildings and land absorb the energy of the people who live in them and the events that happen there. Everyone can sense energy in the atmosphere of a place. For example, we associate places that are dark, dirty, and decrepit with a creepy feeling, and these are the very conditions that negative energies and entities are attracted to.

Physical objects also absorb the energy of the people who own them, wear them or use them. The more something is worn or used, the more energy it absorbs. Some materials are more "porous" than others, and some "hold a charge" better than others. Metals, such as antique wedding bands, watches and other items that were worn daily, hold a charge very well, and should be cleared before wearing or given as a gift.

Indications for Space or Object Clearing:

By having your Shaman hold a formal clearing ceremony, the negative energies are removed, and dispersed back to the Universe where they are absorbed and transformed for the Greater Good. Balance and peace is restored.

To discuss or schedule an Energetic Clearing session, contact us. Fees are based on type and size of clearing required, and will be outlined for your specific needs.