Life, Death and Beyond:
The Preparation for Peace

The Great Awakening

rainbow bridgeWhen you look into a pool, you see your reflection. You become aware of your sense of self. However, the pool does not mirror back the totality of your entire being. This is the First Great Awakening - that you are more than what you see.

Death is a transitional phase of our life. You die to your physical existence, but you continue beyond your physical state as a true spirit. If you close your eyes and hear someone call your name, you recognize them and can also visualize them. This is the Second Great Awakening - to realize that you exist beyond your physical limitation and time.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge that connects your existence here on earth with the realm of spirit. It is called the Rainbow Bridge, as it holds all the colors of the universe. You can cross this bridge with awareness by learning how to step beyond your physical being, break free of time, boundaries and linear existence.

Your Shaman will help you learn the way home across the Rainbow Bridge by becoming awake - by living consciously and dying consciously. Most people die they way they lived; angry in life, angry in death. By living fully, death becomes an ally, as it shows you what and who is truly important to you. Life is such a gift - to experience love, laughter, to see sunrises and sunsets, to hear someone say, "I love you." By finding the unfinished business in your life, you can know where you stand. Become awake and live fully now.

The Death Rites

When you or a loved one is dying, your Shaman can bring comfort and ease the fears of the soul's journey home to you and your family members. Just as there are rites of passage for all stages of life, there are rites of passage for the preparation for peace.

1. Recapitulation and Forgiveness

Recapitulation deals with your life's story, and brings you to closure with life prior to death. It's as difficult to say "I love you; I forgive you" from the Spirit world and be heard by a living person as it is to say "I love you; I forgive you" in a dream and have the real person hear it. When you come to closure with this life, your transition from this life to the one beyond death is effortless. There is nothing here holding you back. It is also important for family members to give voice to their love and forgiveness that has not been expressed during your lifetime. This atonement with your family is essential so that you may pass on in peace.

feathers2. Granting Permission to Die

Granting permission to die frees you to go on; that there is no reason to worry about those who are left behind. Without this permission, you may cling to life for months, enduring unnecessary suffering and causing great anguish for the family. Now, this is not to say we wish you to die - it only gives you permission to end your suffering and become at peace.

3. The Final Rites

Final Rites are given by your Shaman in two parts: through the Seven Illuminations process and the Great Spiral.

The Seven Illuminations are done while you are still living and bring closure to any unfinished business or fears you may still have. This is a beautiful series of shamanic services that clear toxic imprints (bad behaviors and patterns) from all seven chakras (energy centers in your body). By clearing the chakras, your entire system becomes clean and whole, and, like a pure empty vessel, can be filled by the peace that awaits beyond death.

Spiritual assistance is given after your last breath by your Shaman. Through the Great Spiral, your Shaman releases your seven chakras and frees your luminous energy field from your physical body to begin its soul journey home. Depending on your belief system, your family members may be in attendance, or this may be done privately. Many times your family will feel your presence as your journey home begins. This is the gift of peace.

"You have surrounded me with love. You have given me emotional support. Your caring has sustained me." – CAL

If you have questions about death and dying, contact us. There are no fees associated with this assistance.