Ceremony is the core work of the Shaman. This is a ritual observance of spiritual practices, bringing honor, love, and integrity to any situation and experience. Two major ceremonies we hold are Despachos and Fire.


A despacho is a ritual offering bundle from the ancient Andean shamanic traditions. It is a physical offering to the Earth (where all of life comes from) or Mountains (the Keepers of the Wisdoms), filled with items that symbolize gratitude, blessings, honor and faith. They contain flowers, wine, fruits and nuts, seashells, and a variety of other items that represent our wealth, health, happiness, family and appreciation for all our life experiences.

Despachos can be joyous ceremonies, such as celebrating a marriage, births, a new home or new job. They can also honor the tough transitions in our lives, such as bringing healing to families after divorce and death.

You will participate in the creation of the despacho with your Shaman, filling each item with your love, gratitude and prayers. The prayers and blessings are released when the despacho is either buried in the earth or burned in a ceremonial fire. Your heart and spirit will open and be filled with the joy and gratitude of acceptance, purpose and love.

There is a $250 fee for this ceremony and will take approximately 1-2 hours. Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a Despacho.

Full Moon Fires

Fire is a powerful way to transform anthing into pure Light. Each month, we hold a Full Moon Fire to release any old negative behaviors, thoughts or dramas, giving us the opportunity to honor the lessons within those old patterns by turing them over to Spirit.

We also bring our thanks and gratitude to Fire, expressing our joy for any blessings we may have received to share it with Spirit and the Universe.

Fire ceremony is usually held around the time of the full or new moon of each month. This is when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest, which allows for a beautiful release of whatever keeps us from fulfilling our true purpose.

Contact us for the Fire schedule. There is no fee related to this ceremony.