Crystallized and Fluid Energies

Crystallized Energy

Sometimes, toxic energies can crystallize, becoming impossible to combust through the Illumination process alone. These energies are like petrified wood that no longer burns, and can become embedded in your physical body. Crystallized energies can be caused by negative emotions or behaviors, and can also be former lifetime memories of how you were hurt or how you had died.

When you are under constant negativity, your luminous body defense systems become overwhelmed. Over a period of weeks or months, the negative energy can crystallize and embed itself in your physical body. The phrase that you have been “stabbed in the back” symbolically means you have been. Such behaviors and emotions create pools of stagnant energy in your luminous energy field. The longer it takes for you to recover from your “wounding,” the more time the energy has to crystallize. Eventually, it can acquire the shape of a dagger stuck in your back, as your limbic brain interprets symbolic phrases as real. When your heart is broken, this can assume the shape of a metal band constricting your heart, or a steel trap that has your feelings locked in its grip.

Crystallized Energy Extractions

Your Shaman begins your energetic extraction with the Illumination process, which is like cleaning dirt from a wound before removing the object embedded in your skin. Then, by scanning your luminous energy field with a tracking stone, your Shaman finds the crystallized energy and extracts it.

Every form of energy has a frequency and a vibration. You attract these energies in the same way that you attract certain kinds of people. Anger can penetrate your luminous energy field when the vibration for anger is within you, and hatred can affect you only when self-hatred is present. It is not enough to extract the crystallized energies affecting you. Your affinities must be changed – the self-hatred or anger must be healed so that you no longer attract this energy again. The Illumination process heals the affinities for these energies by clearing and increasing the frequency of how a chakra spins. As the chakra's vibration increases, you can now attract pure and clear energies.

Fluid / Intrusive Energies

A crystallized energy embeds itself within your body. A fluid energy (intrusive entity) embeds itself within your central nervous system. Many psychological and physical problems are caused or exacerbated by intrusive entities. They often produce anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, and a host of other symptoms.

Intrusive energies are fluid, streaming through your luminous energy field from chakra to chakra. However, they are fixed to a particular chakra they feed through. When you are spiritually open but become emotionally unbalanced, you are an easy target for parasitic intrusive entities. All energy has consciousness, even the most basic and primitive, so that an intrusive energy can seem to have a humanlike personality. When you tune in to it, you can actually sense the anger, hatred, or envy.

An intrusive entity may appear as one of two types: a former lifetime of yours that has awakened from your subconscious mind, or a disincarnate being who has penetrated your luminous energy field. This can happen when a relative or close friend dies suddenly in an accident or while under treatment in the hospital. They become lost between this world and the next, and may come to you for comfort. You bring them into the safety of your luminous body in the same way you would take him into your home if he were hurt or suffering. Then, their energy mixes with yours and begins to wreak havoc in your luminous energy field. When an intrusive entity is extracted from your luminous energy field, your negative physical and psychological symptoms often disappear.

Fluid Energy Extractions

Your Shaman begins the extraction process with an Illumination, which includes running energy through your luminous body to identify the intrusive entity. Then your Shaman can extract the entity by using a specialized crystal. The Illumination process completes your healing by changing your affinities for these energies, and clearing and increasing the spinning frequency of your chakra. Now, you can begin to attract pure, beneficent energies, and return to the joy of living your own life fully.