Healing Our Body's Energy System

stone bearsEnergy comes to us from all sources. It is the initial nourishment for our bodies and gives us well-being. When our systems become bogged down from too much stress, unhealthy behavior, and abuse, our systems cannot utilize the energy efficiently. The energy becomes heavy and stagnant, clogging our systems, causing dis-ease to our physical and emotional being.

Illuminations transform the heavy stagnant energies and emotional wounds into sources of power, knowledge and light. Every emotional wound we have carries a valuable lesson. Once the lessons are learned, we no longer need to experience the pain. Those wounds transform into peace, love and strength.

Psychological counseling allows us to understand the painful incidents that caused our bad habits or behaviors (imprints). But intellectual understanding does not clear out the imprint itself. Within weeks or months, emotional energy trapped by the imprint reactivates it. Psychological issues we thought were gone reappear, along with their destructive behaviors. An Illumination combusts the stagnant energy around the imprint, and the underlying triggers are released. Then, there is no reference left in the energetic body to replay the old reality.

The Illumination Process: Combusting the Energies

Our Luminous Energy Field (energetic body system) is linked to our chakras through which energy is assimilated into our central nervous system. Imprints become sludge or toxic energy, clogging our chakra system. When these toxic energies are combusted, the chakra can process energy naturally. When fear no longer lives in our belly, compassion blossoms; when grief no longer dwells in our heart chakra, we can change the world.

Illuminations heal in three ways.

  1. First, toxic sludge stuck in a chakra are burned up, which strengthens the immune response and promotes longevity.
  2. Second, the toxic energy from physical and emotional imprints is combusted, so that the fuel an imprint needs to express itself is removed.
  3. Third, it cleans any residue of the imprint in the Luminous Energy Field.

Illuminations bring about healing at the basis of our being. When imprints are erased, we can easily change negative emotions and behaviors, and the full power of our immune system is released that stimulates our own natural healing ability. Illuminations are an energetic process. Rather than recounting incidents as in psychological therapy sessions, pain or grief is felt as a wave of energy washing through. At the end of the Illumination session, a peaceful state of being is attained.