The Medicine Wheel

The dynamics of the Medicine Wheel, commonly used by First People traditions in the Americas, follows the four directions (South, West, North and East) and guides your natural healing process. Each of the directions addresses specific characteristics of your nature that holds both healthy and unhealthy tendencies. By addressing the unhealthy, or Shadow, it becomes transformed into useful energy that you can apply to a greater good and happier life.

Each point of the medicine wheel serves as a transition point, and is associated with an animal spirit or energy. This association helps you connect back with your own natural instincts. By acknowledging and honoring this essential wisdom, you learn that the wealth of wisdom and protection comes from all things.

medicine wheelSouth = Serpent

In this tradtion, the South direction is place of the beginning, where we come to address the "wounded one." Here, you see how to shed your past the way the serpent sheds its skin, so that you no longer relive old histories or patterns.

West = Jaguar

The West direction is place of the death, where you come to address your fears of change or our unknown Shadow. Here, your emotions show you how death actually becomes your ally and teaches you to be impeccable in all aspects of your life. Once you conquer your fears, you are able to act decisively and move forward into your bright future.

North = Hummingbird

North is the place of the hummingbird, where you learn to drink directly from the wells of knowledge, just as hummingbirds drink only from the sweetest flowers. Here, you learn to hear the voice of wisdom and not be overwhelmed by the old critical voices that insist you could not be who you really are becoming.

East = Eagle/Condor

The East represents the power of vision of the North American eagle or the South American condor. This is where you push yourself beyond your limited knowledge, to search and find the extraordinary ideas that can bring about creative changes and opportunities for your future.