Special Programs

Spirit Revival

This program is based on some of the core concepts of Andean Spirituality, which reminds us that we are part of something greater that ourselves and, whether we realize it or not, we constantly are trying to bring peace and balance into our lives. This balance we are looking for is called Anyi. Ayni is the sacred reciprocity state that we practice by freely giving the best of ourselves to others and to Nature, and accepting the gifts and support that we receive in return with respect and gratitude. Two meaningful tools we can use to help achieve Anyi are Despacho Ceremonies and Fire Ceremonies. These two ceremonies are the core spiritual elements of the Spirit Revival program offered by Living-in-Spirit.

Core Concepts

  1. We are all part of one great whole. No one or no thing is excluded. Everyone and everything has a purpose.
  2. Nature is alive. We all have a relationship with everything around us, not just people but all natural beings – animals, plants, all elements of Nature. We keep our lives in balance by respecting and honoring Nature.
  3. Living in balance also means practicing sacred reciprocity (Anyi) with our chosen community. This means giving our best to other beings with integrity and love. It means using our special abilities and talents to help others, as well as graciously accepting help from others. It also means connecting with, honoring and respecting all of Nature and everyone in our community.

Despacho Ceremony
This is a beautiful loving ceremony to create a gift of Ayni that honors and connects us to the Earth, Sky, Mountains, Oceans, and all the spirits of Nature. We build a Despacho to express our gratitude for gifts we have received, and to manifest something we would like to attract into our lives or into the lives of our family or community. Reconnecting with our natural source of life can happen through a Despacho because it brings us into harmonious relationship with Heaven and Earth.

The Despacho ceremony can be a group activity with individuals building their own Despacho. In addition to a wide variety of elements that we will provide, participants are encouraged to bring small personal items that represent what they would like to manifest into their lives or an item that represents a person for whom they would like to experience healing of Spirit. When the Despachos are complete, we will burn them as a part of a Fire Ceremony.

Fire Ceremony
Fire is one of the core ceremonies that is practiced in many native medicine traditions. Fire provides a way for us to honor belief systems that we want to release to the Universe and turn them over to Spirit through transformation. Through Fire, we can be free from the old behaviors that keep us from living in Ayni and experience spiritual healing at the soul level through Fire.

Medicine Bag
Medicine bags are a spiritual representation of the person who wears it, and are carried to provide spiritual guidance, healing and protection. It contains objects that the wearer considers spiritually significant. It is a small leather pouch that participants will receive, which will include a stone from a sacred site as a remembrance of their experience of the Spiritual Revival program.

To discuss or schedule an Spirit Revival, contact us. Fees is $250.00