Paying the Shaman

rainbow bridgePayment is a medium of exchange that measures the worth of goods and services.  If something is owed, then a vacuum and an imbalance in life occurs. Payment then becomes a value exchange that restores balance and harmony so all is equal and empowered. Our intent is to bring healing through this balance, not to maintain imbalances between us.

In paying the Shaman, you become aware of your value. Until you accept your own value, there remains the question: Am I worth it? By answering with payment, you change your world to be a place of gratitude, respect, equality and harmony.

There is no structured fee schedule for our work. However, payment is graciously accepted in several ways:

  1. Gifting
  2. Barter
  3. Donations to specific charities or organizations
  4. Personal volunteer time
  5. Referrals

We will discuss your needs and arrangements.

(We do not accept credit card payments. No chickens either, thank you.)