Remote Work:
Healing Outside Space and Time

shadowSpace and time are considered relative in science; meaning not set in stone but flexible and changeable. Shaman take advantage of this principle of science because in the journey, Shaman are not bound to the rules of matter or physical form, but can follow the rules of energy, which flows beyond space and time.

When a Shaman embarks on a journey, great "distances" can be crossed quickly. Time can expand or contract, so that the work that is needed can be done in the time available, and the Shaman can easily go where needed.

Remote Healing

During remote healing, your Shaman journeys to where you are and performs work on you almost as if they were right there with you in physical form. Depending on your sensitivity, you may or may not have sensations when the healing occurs. Also, because time is relative, you may not receive the full effects of the healing at the moment the work is done.

Why Long Distance?

It is not always easy to find a Shaman in your location. Remote healing allows the work you need to be done regardless of the distances or time zones. It also allows you to receive healing from a particular Shaman that you want to work with.

Remote healing makes healing possible when a person to be healed has a contagious illness, cannot be touched for some reason, or feels more comfortable with the long distance method. Long distance healing is frequently used with animals that are unwilling to sit still long enough to be healed.