Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic journey back to your essential self to regain parts of you that were lost or hidden due to trauma or emotional wounding of your soul. Your Shaman journeys on your behalf through the matrix of light that organizes time into past, present, and future. By revisiting your past to heal events that occurred long ago, your Shaman finds the original clarity and brilliance of your soul, to bring more desirable destinies for yourself and your loved ones.

JoyJourneying into the Past and the Future

Human collective unconsciousness is divided into three parts: the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds. These are archetypal and energetic domains. The world we live in, where we work and raise our families, is the Middle World and exists in linear time; the Upper World is the invisible domain of our destiny and our spirit; and the Lower World, where the record of all human history is held, is the realm of the soul.

Childhood and former lifetimes reside in the Lower World. This is where your Shaman journeys to recover the lost parts of your soul that can take the form of a frightened child, an anguished mother, or even a cruel master. Your Shaman learns your story, heals the wounds, negotiates a new contract to free you from your burdens, and brings the healed parts back into the present. There are healing gifts that may also be brought back for you to use in everyday life, and a power animal who will put you back in touch with your natural instincts.

Changing Fate into Destiny

Fate is the predetermined and what seems like inevitable events that happen to us. It appears to be unavoidable, and follows us through our lives. For example, we leave one spouse only to end up in the same relationship with another person. Fate is also deadly – it has the same origin as the word fatality.

Destiny is the purpose and calling of one’s life; it can be discovered and realized. Destiny allows you to transcend fate and to live free of negative emotions and genetic patterns. By honoring the gifts brought back for you through your soul retrieval, you change fate by stepping into your destiny. You can free yourself from an inheritance of breast cancer or heart disease, or from an emotional history that causes you to remarry an unsuitable spouse. Destiny allows you to navigate life instead of stumble through it, participating consciously in your life.