Living in Spirit

To be living in spirit is to exist completely surrounded by your true self; to manifest your highest and greatest good for all. This is how man is meant to live. We welcome you to your full potential and joy.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine changes the energetic currents in our physical and luminous bodies to regain balance and enable our body’s own natural healing ability. It is holistic – looking beyond our physical form to include our luminous body systems (meridians and chakras) where the cause of physical and mental problems are based. Blocks to our energy system caused by trauma, stress, and distrust become trapped in our energy fields, restricting our ability to live a happy and productive life.

Energy medicine clears these blocks in our luminous body field. It also addresses “issues” before they manifest as pain or other disorders in the physical body. By repairing and rebalancing the energy through guided imagery and gentle touch, our energetic self is strengthened, renewed and balanced.

The dynamics of the Medicine Wheel, commonly used by First People traditions in the Americas, follows the four directions as a guide for your natural healing process. It is the basis of this tradition of energy medicine.

medicine stones

DISCLAIMER: All information on Living-in-Spirit (LIS) is for information purposes only. LIS is not a medical facility, nor are we licensed medical doctors. We do not practice medicine as set forth in the AMA guidelines. We do not diagnose, treat disease or otherwise prescribe medication. We do assist people in correcting energetic imbalances in their bio-field that triggers the body to release its innate healing ability. We recommend that clients continue to see their medical doctors and follow their advice. LIS energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional. We make no promises, warranties or guarantees about results of our work or of the energy sessions. The energy sessions help many people but, like any modality, it doesn't work for everyone.